Consider filling your own taxes

Consider filling your own taxes to get more money back and book an affordable hotel at

Say no more to taking your taxes to a personal tax preparer and do them yourself. You never know there might be credits and deductions you qualify for.

Try filling out your taxes using a tax software and get the tax refund amount you deserve. The good thing is that you can pick from a free or premium version.

The minute you receive your w-2 in the mail or via email prepare to file.

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Let’s go back to taxes..

When you file your taxes online consider itemizing deductions to get a larger tax return. Be sure to include all your expenses and contributions you’ve made to charitable causes.

Also if you have a family member or friend living at your home whom you are supporting make sure you include it. This qualifies you for an $4,000 exemption credit. Think more money available to spend at a great destination.

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Let’s return to filing own taxes.

You might be able to reduce your taxable income without itemizing if you’ve paid a self employed tax, are paying student loans or have gone back to school. This might bring up your tax refund amount.

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Next year get more money back when you file your own taxes. Use that money to travel to a great destination and save on your stay at